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Southern Heritage
Political Action Committee

Press Release
November 5, 2004


Re: Primary and General Elections Results. 

The Southern Heritage Political Action Committee (SHPAC) is proud to announce that a total of Eighteen anti-Southern Politicians on Georgia’s “Deck of Shame” have been removed during the 2004 election cycle. Eleven before and after the primary elections and seven after the general elections. The majority of the Eighteen removed was the direct result of the SHPAC efforts.

Of the five Major political targets the SHPAC selected four were defeated, a ratio of 80%.

Major SHPAC Political Targets:

1.   Ginger Collins, State Senator (R), District 006, Smyrna, Queen of Diamonds.
2.   Randy Hall, State Senator (R), District 23, Augusta, Three of Diamonds.
3.   Hugh D. Broome, Rep. (D), District 149, Donalsonville, Eight of Hearts. 
4.   Wallace Sholar, Rep. (D), District 172, Cairo, Six of Diamonds.         
5.   Austin Scott, Rep. (R), District 138, Tifton, Ace of Clubs. – Spent over $200,000 on re-election campaign, will be one of the SHPAC targets in 2006.

SHPAC Political Targets: All Defeated

1.      Faye Smith, State Senator (R), District 25, Milledgeville, Two of Clubs.
2.      Chuck Clay, State Senator (R), District 37, Marietta, Five of Spades.
3.      Lee Howell, Rep (D), District 126, Griffin, Seven of Diamonds.          
4.      E.M. “Buddy” Childers, Rep (D) District 14, Rome. Three of Clubs.  
5.      Pat Dooley, Rep (D), District 38, Marietta, Nine of Clubs.                    
6.      John Noel, Rep (D), District 44, Atlanta, Nine of Spades.                       

Political Cowards on the “Deck of Shame” who didn’t want to face their electorate and “decided” not to run:

1.      Doug Teper, Rep (D), District 57, Atlanta, Seven of Spades.                      
“Got Scared and Retired”

2.      Hugh Gillis, Sen. (D), District 04, Soperton, Four of Diamonds.                   
“Got Scared and Retired”
3.      Jimmy Skipper, Rep. (D), District 134, Americus, Jack of Diamonds.           
“Got Scared and Retired”
4.      Louise McBee, Rep. (D), District 113, Athens, Seven of Clubs.                  
“Got Scared and Retired”
5.      Jim Stokes, Rep. (D), District 112, Covington, Queen of Clubs.               
“Got Scared and Retired”
6.      Larry Walker, Rep. (D), District 146, Perry, King of Clubs.                      
“Got Scared and Retired”
7.      Mary Squires, Sen. (D), District 05, Norcross, Queen of Spades.                   
“US Senate Campaign Ended Before it Began”
8.      Charlie “Boo Whoo” Tanksley, Sen. (R), Marietta, Queen of Hearts.       
“Got Scared and Retired”

A massive “Boot” sign campaign was waged against these politicians by Southern Heritage Activist throughout the State. These signs along with newspaper and radio ads were purchase by the SHPAC through donations make by our membership and good folks across the State of Georgia. 

The SHPAC is also pleased that the Anti-Southern Speaker of the House Terry Coleman, “Ace of Spades” is out of a job and the legislative black caucus, Joker “Deck of Shame” is now in the minority party and will losing much of their “hateful” influence under Georgia’s Gold Dome.

The SHPAC will be aggressively lobbying for a fair vote that was promised to Georgia by the current administration on the 1956 Veteran Memorial Flag and monitoring for anti-Southern legislation like House Bill 899.

Our message to the Republican party, which now has the majority in both houses, is “There are no excuses now”. The fair vote promised to Georgia, must be honored.

For more information please contact:

William Lathem, Spokesman, Southern Heritage Political Action Committee

404-518-1865 or spokesman@southernheritagepac.com





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